WebRTC samples Trickle ICE

This page tests the trickle ICE functionality in a WebRTC implementation. It creates a PeerConnection with the specified ICEServers, and then starts candidate gathering for a session with a single audio stream. As candidates are gathered, they are displayed in the text box below, along with an indication when candidate gathering is complete.

Note that, since no media stream is added to the RTCPeerConnection, only candidates from a single interface will be gathered in Chrome. See the RTCWEB IP address handling recommendations draft for details.

Individual STUN and TURN servers can be added using the Add server / Remove server controls below; in addition, the type of candidates released to the application can be controlled via the IceTransports constraint.

If you test just a single TURN/UDP server, this page even allows you to detect when you are using the wrong credential to authenticated.

ICE servers

ICE options

IceTransports value:
TimeComponentTypeFoundation ProtocolAddressPortPriority
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